Getting Out Our Votes. GOOV = FOSS

Politics’ Next Big Thing may be crowd-sourced GOTV. Let’s call it GOOV.

  • GOTV = Get Out The Vote, politics’ failed voter-bashing tactic.  Metaphor: MySpace.
  • FOSS = Free & Open Source Software, the world’s whiteboard. Metaphor: Twitter.

5 Hypotheses

  1. Politicians and activists have inoculated us against politics and activism
  2. Republicans and Democrats have trashed the Republican and Democratic party brands.
  3. Issues “tribe” members are more likely to vote when invited by close friends.
  4. Invitations displayed on politicians’ maps increases the likelihood of voting.
  5. Politicians are more likely to respond to constituents’ interests  when displayed on media-friendly politicians’ maps.

Prior Research

In 2010, UCSD’s James Fowler conducted a voting incentives experiment: a Facebook ad asking 61 million people to vote.


The ad had little effect on the 61 million viewers. However, when pictures of the Facebook member’s friends were added in ads to 1% of the targets, about 600,000, they were 4 times more likely to vote.


If you only look at the people you target, you miss the whole story,” said Fowler. “Behaviors changed not only because people were directly affected, but also because their friends (and friends of friends) were affected.


1964: Ford vs. Chevy  No, Daddy-O, I dig Mustangs! And Corvettes!

In the mid 1960s, Ford and Chevy discovered valuable market segments that had tuned out their brands but were attracted by the hot, baggage-free trends, Corvette and Mustang.

SNAPvote14’s Issue Tribe model is market segmentation, where attraction is not based on big, ubiquitous, over-hyped brand choices like Ford and Chevy, but on segments of the brands’ customers.

2014: Issue Tags. The SNAPvote14 project has started following 8 primary issues:

#FEMvote14      Women’s issues
#STEMvote14   Jobs and education in Science, Tech, Engineering, Math
#IMMvote14      Immigration policy
#FAIRvote14     “Fair” voting laws
#NETvote14      Open and free Internet
#VETvote14       Veterans
#SPYvote14       Citizen spying
#HOTvote14      A Congressional dialogue on climate science

If you’re interested in how people are motivated to vote, follow them, use them, or work with us to improve their use.

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